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Drive players to your web shop, give them a remarkable experience when they’re there, and make sure they come back
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Your web shop may not beat the app stores on convenience. But you can definitely beat them on experience. Only Stash gives you:

  • Ecommerce expertise from outside gaming
  • Best-in-class web design
  • D2C strategies tailored to your game genre
  • Fast, reliable tech

A web shop

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Drive traffic to your
web shop
• More than a store
• Compliant in-app comms
• Irresistible incentives
Step 1
Step 1: Drive traffic
Get players to spend once they're there
• Frictionless checkout and account linking
• Data-driven personalization
• Clear and captivating design
Step 2
Step 2: Get players to spend
Bring them back again and again
• Ongoing and recurring value
• Membership and rewards
• Valuable product catalogue
Step 3
Step 3: Bring them back

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Today’s web shops make you choose between quality and control. Stash doesn’t.

Tailored loyalty programs

You need more than a cash back point system or a flat storewide markdown. You need a thought-out loyalty program tailored to your players. Tell us how much you want to discount and we’ll break it down and average it out across spend-based rewards, flash sales, and more.

A la carte engagement hub

Choose from a list of modular player experiences that best suit your game's genre. Then drop them into your web shop - whether that’s grassroots esports for your competitive PvP game or a UGC forum for your RPG.

Data driven discounts

Upload your game catalog and let machine learning automatically present it in the best way possible - minimizing cannibalization while using discount strategies only available on the web, like BOGO and bulk offers.

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For Players

Unified shop experience from any site, device, or platform
One-click account linking via deep links or QR codes
Fast and easy checkout flow as a guest or account

for Developers

Easy integration that mirrors existing IAP architecture
Expert advice on discount and offer strategies
As much control as you want - from store design, to refunds, and more 

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Selling to and engaging with players directly and without any middlemen (ahem, app stores) has a lot of perks. Here are a few:

increase your margins

The app stores charge 30% of your gross IAP revenue, while web fees are much less. That means you get up to 25-40% more revenue for every dollar spent in your web shop.

Increase user LTV

The app stores limit non-gameplay engagement in-app. Boost LTV and lock users into your brand with loyalty programs only possible on the web.

Acquire and retarget better

High CPIs and IDFA deprecation made UA tougher than ever. Create lookalikes and retarget better with email addresses you own, save on spend, and increase ROAS. Plus, add a free UA channel to the mix - email marketing.

Improve your offer strategy

There are just some things you can’t do or analyze in-app. But on the web you can leverage advanced personalization, dynamic pricing, volume-based discounts, and more - making for an offer strategy users can’t refuse.

weB shop fAqs

Have more questions?

What games work best with a game shop website?

Web shops work best with games that have a small number of users spending a few hundred dollars or more. There have been several success stories of game shop websites across multiple genres - including social casino, midcore, and even casual games. Reach out to learn whether your game is a good fit for a web shop. 

How does Stash comply with Apple and Google policies?

Stash ensures your web-based mobile game store is always in compliance with app store policies. Our team of experts is always up to date on the latest rules and regulations, so you’re never jeopardizing your core business. 

What platforms does Stash support?

You can access any any Stash game shop website on mobile and desktop browsers. It’s fully responsive to any screen size. Plus, players get a unified experience - meaning they can start in the browser’s mobile game store and pick it up later on desktop. 


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