Is a Web Shop Worth It?

Use our calculator to see how much money a web shop could save you in app store fees.
(And no, it’s not just a 30% cut on your revenue. Scroll to the bottom for the full methodology).
What's your annual IAP revenue?
How much of that revenue can you shift to a web shop?
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How we calculated your savings:

The app stores take a 30% cut on gross revenue, not net. Your gross revenue is $1,428.57  - this is basically how much players are spending in your game. That means the app stores are taking $428.57 in fees.
Now compare that to a web shop that only takes a 10% cut. If you shift 20% of player spend to a web shop, you’d pay:
  • $28.57 to the shop processor
  • $342.86 to the app stores
Together, that means you’re paying $371.43 in total fees. Compare that to the $428.57 you were paying originally, and you’re saving $57.14.



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Not what you’re looking for?

How do the app stores define gross revenue?

Think of gross revenue as the amount the player spent. If, for example, a player spent $100 in your store - that would constitute the gross revenue. Meanwhile, the net revenue is what you see on your dashboard after the 30% fee, coming out to $70. You rarely get insight into the gross revenue on your Apple dashboard. 

How does the Stash fee calculator work?

First, the Stash price calculator determines your gross app store revenue by adding back the 30% commision to the annual revenue you input above. After you input the percentage you can shift to a web shop, it similarly calculates how much gross revenue you’d earn from the app stores (based on a 30% commission) and how much you’d earn from a web shop (based on a 10% commission, including local sales taxes, channel costs, etc). Then it subtracts the difference - leaving you with your savings.

So, is a web shop worth it?

You tell us! Typically, you can save a significant amount of revenue by shifting some spend to a web shop - and hopefully the price calculator proved that. Check out this blog we wrote about game studios shifting 30% of their spend to web shops, and how the profit from that actually offset revenue losses.
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