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gAme industry's


There have always been platforms getting in the middle of gamers and game developers, and they control nearly everything a developer is allowed to do.

We want developers to be their own platforms for the first time.

How? By creating meaningful direct-to-consumer experiences. Think of Stash as the game industry’s “anti-platform”. We help game developers completely own their player relationships - without any middlemen getting in the way (including us).

Fashion did it with Instagram, ecommerce did it with Shopify, and now gaming will do it with Stash.

we Are...

gaming first + focused

Founded by game industry giants, deeply understanding gaming is in our DNA.

An open book

Everything we know, you know - from billing to best practices.

Partners, not just tech

Our whole team is on standby to help you build the ultimate D2C strategy.



now really get To know us

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(Told you, we're an Open Book)


the stash


Justin Kan


Robin Chan


Dan Borstelmann


Archie Stonehill

Head of Product

Jasmine Cohen

Head of Marketing

Jacopo Marcantonio

Head of Design

Danika Koenig

Head of Payment Ops

Keren Estime

Head of Compliance

Bin Zhu

lead Engineer
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