No PlatforMs,
no pRoblems.
go D2c.

blurry gold coin
blurry treasure chest
blurry gold coin
pink gem
pink gem
purple gem
gold pink and green gem
jumping fox warrior
blue potion bottle
red archer jumping
Scaling games profitably is harder than ever. Take out the middlemen with Stash's suite of direct-to-consumer tools for game developers
mobile UI screen with game characters
mobile UI screen with a futuristic chest
mobile UI screen with treasure chests
mobile UI screen with a big blue monster
desktop store UI screen with a countdown timer
desktop ui screen with monsters in cards

d2c will
set you

cartoon bomb with trailing smoke


cartoon bomb with trailing smoke

wiLl sEt



Take back control from big platforms and build your own.

30% higher margins

Keep a significant chunk of the 30% store tax in your pocket (believe us, it adds up).

Better UA + retargetIng

Get direct contact info (ahem, emails) so you can market like the good old days.

Stronger LTV + retention

Give users more ways to engage with rich experiences that go beyond the game.

mEet stash, your

warhammer style hammer
Everything you need to connect and sell to players successfully, without any middlemen.
The suite of tools you need to connect and sell to players
 successfully, without any middlemen

Web Shop

a web shop
that wins more spend

storefront with monster arms
Get a white-labeled web shop that attracts high spenders, gets them to stay, and keeps them coming back - with custom discount strategies, loyalty programs, and experiences tailored to your players’ motivations. 

Payment processing

low fee,
no hassle

colorful laptop with sunglasses and flames
Get better and cheaper payments in your primary markets for your most engaged players. Then hand over the busywork to us, like compliance, taxes, and regulations. (Phew).

Game Launcher

your very own game launcher

colorful wallet
Build a white-labeled game launcher your players will love. First distribute your game, and then add compelling features that keep them coming back - like a shop, social spaces, loyalty programs, matchmaking, UGC, and more.

Stash Studio

one platform to rule them all

orange game controller
Manage your white-labeled web shop, payments, and game launcher on one powerful platform - Stash Studio. Choose design templates, drag and drop engagement features, upload inventory, and more.
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Stash for players

a plAce to 
tiMe, not Just moneY

Your direct-to-consumer channel needs more than payments to win. Attract players, boost spend, and build loyalty with community features players genuinely enjoy
ui screen
Pop-out UI banner with ranking position
ui screen
Pop-out UI banner with ranking position
ui screen
ui screen
Awesome experiences
Premium UX
Pop-out UI banners stacked on eachother front card has a viking
ui screen
ui screen
Stash for developers

a pleasurE for

Premium UX

Security and compliance handled

Payments is serious business, and we know that. Feel safe you’re partnering with a SOC-2 and PCI DSS pending product that puts security and compliance above all else.

hands-on partnership

Get the most of Stash with a close-knit partnership beyond the tech. We'll recommend a D2C strategy for your game and help you bring it to life - all tailored to your players and based on ecommerce best practices.

your game, your terms

Take as much or as little control as you want (that's the point of D2C, right?). You set the terms, and our tech puts into action - from discounts, to refunds, and design.

UI screen showing drag and drop functionality
UI screen showing security and compliance measures
UI screen showing IAP

how staSh wÔrks in 3 stEps

unreal logo
partner logo - cube
partner logo - robot
partner logo unity
partner logo - cube
partner logo - robot

Easily integrate Stash into your existing infrastructure

Test the shop directly in your game engine editor

Deploy the same code base on desktop, mobile, and web

Meet our founders
Justin Kan, Dan Borstelmann and Robin Chan!

** say hi to the team

Think of Stash as your anti-platform. Once and for all, we want you to completely own your player relationships and connect with them wherever they are and for whatever they’re doing - without any intermediaries (including us).
Founded by Twitch co-founder Justin Kan, ex-Zynga executive Robin Chan, and ex-Google engineer Dan Borstelmann, building excellent gaming products is in our DNA.
More caSh witH sTash